Toilet-bound hanako-kun season 2 Release Date, Plot, Renewal

Toilet-bound hanako-kun season 2 Release Date, Plot, Renewal

Connected to the toilet, Hanako-kun is an anime series to be released in 2020 that combines comedy and supernatural elements. The anime was created by Lerche Studios, which we know from cute anime-like Astra Lost in Space and Given, and was directed by Masaomi Andō in the first season. With its second name, Jibaku Shōnen Hanako-kun originally premiered on TBS, SUN, CBC, BS-TBS from January 9, 2020, to March 26, 2020.

Thanks to Funimation’s licensing, and Hulu TV’s broadcasts, it has gained viewers from all over the world. After finishing the season with the episode “The Little Mermaid” of the series, fans wondered about the status of the next season and the release date of the toilet-bound hanako-kun season 2 of the anime series. What we know about the series so far and the news of the toilet-bound hanako-kun season 2. So far, the first season of the anime has received a lot of positive reviews from most viewers, and many fans are already looking forward to the toilet-bound hanako-kun season 2. According to many anime viewers, this is one of the best anime shows of the season. So, what will be the second toilet-bound hanako-kun season 2 of anime?


What is the plot of toilet-bound hanako-kun season 2?

Rumors circulate at Komame Academy about Hanako-san, one of the school’s seven mysteries.  Hanako-san, who lives in the third toilet compartment of the girls’ toilet on the third floor of the old school building, accepts the summons when called by someone. Yashiro Nene, a new high school student whose mind is full of romantic dreams, also steps into this haunted toilet.  As a result of the events, he becomes Nene Hanako’s assistant and tries to balance the spiritual and physical world with her.

In the past, Lerche Studios has given us great animations like ‘Given’ and ‘Kanata no Astra’.  With the new anime adaptation ‘Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun’, the studio offers us another epic show featuring flawless animation, a charming story, and some unforgettable characters.  Although it started out as a comedy anime that was initially limited to a high school, it has a lot of secrets and some dark events in its depths.

As the season progresses and the school’s core mystery grows, it turns into a fantastic horror anime. So far, it has clearly reached its full potential, and we hope it will be even better in toilet-boundhanako-kun season 2. In the first season, the characters are introduced, but no one’s inner world descends. Events are also a mystery. The series will probably deepen with another season.


Will there be a second season of toilet-bound hanako-kun season 2?

At the time of writing, as of November 22, 2021, the attached Hanako Con has not yet been renewed for the toilet-bound hanako-kun season 2. Neither the publisher of the manga Square Enix nor the animation studio Lerche has confirmed the second season. We can only speculate right now. We can see the popularity and quality of the source material to see if there will be another season of anime. There is no problem in terms of popularity and the ratings of the series are enough. Everything was fine except for the disk sale. Anime’s disc sales were about 1,500. 


Toilet-bound hanako-kun season 2 Release Date, Plot, Renewal

This may seem like a failure if you only consider disk sales, but we should not forget the special distributors. Anime is also very popular in Japan and is distributed by many specialized distributors. (D Anime Store, Amazon Prime Video, U-Next, Netflix) The fact that these distributors publish anime means extra profit in addition to disc sales. So, the toilet-bound hanako-kun season 2 looks promising in many ways. According to Myanimelist, the series ranks 391st in terms of popularity and this ranking is enough for the toilet-bound hanako-kun season 2. So what about manga?


Manga Status Of The Enemy

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, the anime is derived from the manga of the same name that Iro Aida wrote and exemplified. The manga series, which began publishing in 2014, is published by Square Enix in Japan. Yen Press publishes English translations of the series.  The good news is that the manga is still going strong. Sales of the Manga series look strong, and the total circulation has already exceeded 6 million. The last volume of the manga, consisting of 16 volumes in total, has not yet been translated into English, but it was published in Japan on April 27, 2021. In the first season of the anime, only the first 7 volumes were included. So there is plenty of source material to create new seasons. It seems that manga will not be an obstacle.


When is the release date of toilet-bound hanako-kun season 2?

The second season of Anime has not been confirmed yet. We speculated about the toilet-bound hanako-kun season 2 while the state channels remained silent on the matter. Looks like a strong audience is waiting for the second season of mobile phones. The series is also hitting Japan with its anime and manga. Although it has not been successful in selling discs, it needs to keep in mind the general decline in disc sales in recent years. If the new season is renewed soon, a production period of about one year will be required. With all of this in mind, a new season before 2023 doesn’t seem possible. Keep watching.


Anime series characters

Hanako-kun: This is the ghost of the third cabinet of the girls’ toilet on the third floor of the Kamom Academy.

Yashiro Nene: She is a self-sufficient high school student at Kamum Academy. This is her first year in high school and she is Hanako’s assistant.

Minamoto Kou: She is part of the famous exorcist Minamoto tribe, who attended middle school at Kamom Academy.


And other main characters;

Minamoto Tarot

Nanamin Sakura

Hyuuga Natsuhiko



Is there a toilet-bound hanako-kun season 2 trailer?

So far, no trailer for the toilet-bound hanako-kun season 2 has been released. Although some fan-made trailers are available, the official trailer has not been released yet. We’ll update this section for you as it releases.

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