Ruger Security 9 Review – Pros and Cons of the Compact Concealed Carry Pistol

Ruger Security 9 Review – Pros and Cons of the Compact Concealed Carry Pistol

In this Ruger Security 9 review, I will discuss the pros and cons of this compact pistol. You can also read my full Ruger Security 9 review to see if it’s a good choice for your next concealed carry pistol purchase. This gun is not recommended for everyone, and you’ll want to make sure you know your options before you decide to buy one. Fortunately, I’ve done the hard work for you to make your decision easier.

Ruger Security 9 Compact

The Ruger Security 9 Compact is a small, concealed carry pistol that uses the same “Secure-Action” hammer-fired system as the full-sized Ruger Security-9. It uses an internal-shrouded hammer for easier slide racking, and it has the same proven features as the Security-Six revolver. While not a revolutionary semi-automatic design, the Ruger Security-9 Compact still meets the basic requirements for concealed carry.

The Ruger Security 9 Compact’s construction is solid, with a hard-coated aluminum slide and full-length rails. The polymer frame also sports molded frame rails. It features a window on the left side for the serial number, which is visible under the external extractor. The trigger has a bladed action that is easy to manipulate. The pull weight varies slightly over 10 pulls, but it remains within a reasonable range for a smaller gun.

The Ruger Security 9 Compact is compact and concealable, and its Secure Action makes it a convenient choice for any application. Its internal hammer and smooth trigger pull make it easy to rack the slide, and it has an excellent reset. The compact polymer frame and hard-coated aluminum chassis ensure that it will perform reliably in any situation. And, unlike some similar size striker-fired pistols, the Ruger Security-9 Compact is easy to conceal and carry.

The Ruger Security 9’s design is appealing, with a single-action firing mechanism that’s nearly identical to the LCP trigger group found on Ruger’s best-selling guns in the United States. In addition, the trigger group uses modern, proven manufacturing techniques and polymers extensively. For a compact pistol, the price is a big plus, and the Security-9 looks like it can continue the Ruger tradition of producing quality guns.

While the full-sized Security 9 has been on the market for about a year, the compact version has already hit the market. Aftermarket options include night sights, three-dot sights, and fiber optics. The Security-9 Compact will play an important role in everyday carry personal defense. And with its compact size and weight, it will easily fit into your pocket. A full set of magazines can be carried without the need to store several guns.

The Ruger Security 9 Compact is a small, compact 9mm pistol that weighs about 21.9 ounces with the magazine inserted. This pistol is very concealable and features a single-finger extension. It also offers good stability and manageable felt recoil. The Ruger Security-9 Compact will work well in many situations. The security of your family will be at the top of your priority list. But be sure to shop around for the right weapon.

The Ruger Security 9 Compact is an inexpensive subcompact pistol that offers several benefits. It is slightly smaller than the full-sized Security-9 pistol and weighs 22 ounces. It comes with two magazines of 9mm Luger and an optional finger grip extension floorplate. Its design and feel are a good fit for many holsters. There are plenty of great holsters available for this pistol, and it’s not hard to find one that suits your needs.

The Ruger Security 9 Compact pistol comes with a safety lever that you can use to engage and disengage the slide. When the magazine is not in place, you cannot engage the safety lever without re-gripping the gun. This feature makes it easier to disengage the safety when you need to quickly pull the slide back. If you have a magazine in the gun, however, you won’t need to disengage the safety lever.

Ruger Security 9

The Ruger Security 9 is a scaled-up LCP II and double-stack LC9 with an internal hammer that is cycled to cock the round. Unlike many 9mm pistols in this class, the Ruger Security-9 has a unique grip frame design that is interchangeable. You can change the frame’s color by ordering a new one. In addition, the magazine base plate is removable, making it easy to carry a different gun with a different grip frame.

As a result, the Ruger Security-9 offers good shooting performance. Its coarse combat sights and trigger safety are both a drawback, but it otherwise makes up for these deficiencies with its functional reliability. The pistol cycles flawlessly with both light 95-gr semi-jacket bullets and gentle sports loads, including 154-gr GECO. However, the Ruger Security 9’s trigger is far from perfect, and it could be smoother, with a more crisp breaking point.

A key feature that sets the Security 9 apart from its competitors is its trigger. While not a double-action trigger, the Security-9’s trigger pull feels surprisingly smooth and crisp. The locking system is also standard John M. Browning-style, which makes it very reliable. The frame-mounted safety is convenient, but it’s difficult for lefties to work it. However, Ruger’s Security-9 is a great choice for women who want a pistol that offers a smooth shooting experience.

While many handgun manufacturers are moving away from manual safeties, the Ruger Security-9 has both handguard and trigger safeties. The latter has a notch in the slide that prevents it from moving backward. It’s also much easier to present the firearm in a shooting position with the manual safety engaged. This safety mechanism will prevent the trigger from moving backward if you’re not in a shooting position.

Aside from the ergonomic design, the Ruger Security-9 has an impressive sight system, which mimics Glock’s plastic dot sights. While the Ruger Security-9 does not feature interchangeable back-straps, it does feature an adjustable rear sight and an integral front sight. Despite these features, the Security-9 does offer a great balance between safety and comfort. And if the Security-9 doesn’t perform as you want it to, you can always get a replacement.

As with many other Ruger guns, the Ruger Security-9 has some problems with its trigger. First, the extractor is notoriously difficult to clean. It can’t remove burrs, so you’re likely to need a special tool to remove the jam. In addition to that, the trigger can jam because it’s stuck halfway in the magazine. Jams are caused by spring recoil, and can also be caused by the slide getting caught on something.

Next, there’s the magazine release. The Ruger Security-9 magazine release is very small. It functions perfectly and is physically smooth without having to be grippy. The magazine is not interchangeable with previous Ruger pistol magazines. However, the magazine will work in an SR9c or an SR9 pistol, but not vice versa. A good Ruger Security 9 review will help you decide which model to buy.

The Ruger Security-9 is a mid-capacity handgun that packs in a lot of value for its price. With an MSRP of $379, this gun is a great choice for concealed carry or hammer defense. This gun is also quite affordable and comes with a Ruger guarantee of quality. It’s worth considering if you’re on a budget. There are several other more expensive pistols, so I’ll be honest with you and tell you whether or not the Ruger Security-9 is worth the money.

When it comes to ergonomics and weight, the Ruger Security-9 is a great choice. Its size and weight make it easy to carry, and it has an impressive trigger for its intended role. However, if you’re looking for a compact handgun that can protect your home and office, the Ruger Security-9 may be the perfect choice for your needs. Just make sure you’re aware of any potential drawbacks.

Compared to other small handguns, the Ruger Security-9’s trigger pull is surprisingly low and predictable. The safety blade collapses within the trigger face with a light initial pressure. Subsequent pressure takes up the quarter-inch slack before breaking. The trigger is not excessive, but it is predictable and not ideal for target shooting. Moreover, it stops before the fixed trigger stop. That’s a big flaw, but it’s a good one to have in a handgun.

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