Queen of the South Season 6 release date, plot, cast, trailer

Queen of the South Season 6 release date, plot, cast, trailer

In this article we will discuss Queen of the South Season 6 release date, plot, cast, trailer.

Queen of the South Season 5 Final Recap

Teresa finds joy in the arms of her lover James after years of racing and fighting with her enemies. Eventually, the two begin their long-awaited relationship. Teresa is getting ready to meet Costa when James warns her of danger and declares his love for her. They kiss each other and spend the night together. Teresa skillfully ate the poison and killed Costia at her home the next day. Teresa was rescued by her grandson during the exchange of fire.

The incident begins tragically, with gunshot wounds and bruises causing a heartbreaking reaction for the recipient of the bullet. And this is none other than Teresa. For the most part, Samara is already in bad shape, she lost her mother, and now she has to look after the woman who took care of her as a family is killed in her new home. And it wasn’t as easy as it seemed for Samara. Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. And for a whole hour, we kept wondering if Teresa was really dead or if it was really a stunt used by officials like Devon.

Let’s open it up a bit. For starters, if Devon says your time is up, your time is up. You are toast.  This means that Teresa and everyone around her are marked for extinction. And that included James, who deserved to be killed. James left Teresa in the desert state of Arizona to work for the CIA. He even agreed to kill Teresa. But Devon won’t let that end. Visit here to know about Queen of the South Season 6 release date.

Teresa’s Demise

Teresa’s death and Bose’s takeover of her business was shocking, mainly because after five seasons, we only saw Teresa at the top for such a short time. His approach to dealing with the drug trade was more efficient and less important than that of his male competitors. Why Scriptwriters chose this death for Teresa, and why she was replaced by incompetent male drug dealers, can ultimately look disappointing from a narrative point of view. But I think screenwriters needed some kind of logical conclusion for these loops.

It was James who killed Teresa. And all these conspiracies, loops and twists did not prepare anyone for such deception. It is a kind of tragedy, almost in the Greek sense, a woman dies at the hands of her lover. James could collaborate with Devon all the time and claim his love for Teresa. Devon could force James to do his dirty work, and James can’t refuse, as Devon said during James’ visit. Another possibility is that James was trying to protect Teresa while the real sniper was someone else. Although it does not have the same emotional impact as James ‘killer, it does preserve James’ release.


Devon learns that Bose is not like Teresa. Boaz opposes Teresa. She was smart. Boaz is dumb.  But not so stupid. After taking over Teresa’s business, he knew it was someone else who had killed the woman. And it didn’t bother him. After all, he is in it for the money. While Teresa was quiet about running the business, Devon wanted everyone to know that he was the head of the city. And while Devon was trying to get Bose down, Kelly Ann and Pott tried to run away.

Pote and Kelly Anne

Kelly Ann’s escape is an emotional scene, and you can’t help but feel bad for Heidi, who now has to raise three children alone, and Mike, who looked like a good man. When Pott asked Kelly Ann to meet him at a motel, the CIA agreed. But we had to give it to the pot because it took up so much of the heat. As the police handcuffed the grandson, Chicho stares at the crowd in disbelief. And now Pott has to serve five years for car jacking in the application contract.  Fortunately for the grandson, Devon, while in prison, provided protection for Bose to back up.

Grandson Galvez is one of the most dangerous characters in ‘Queen of the South’. Teresa Mendoza’s gang has made a former member of the Vegas Cartel one of its most trusted and loyal members. He has always been Teresa’s vigilante bodyguard, and has saved Teresa and other members of her gang from numerous death threats. It is because of this habit that he is constantly in danger. Pot is also a target of Teresa’s enemies, who, as one of the key members of Teresa’s inner circle, have grown in number since the first season.

4 years later

We spend four big years in the future. Pot comes out of prison, and Chichoo is waiting for the man there. And Marcel is there, too, and the plan is simple and straightforward: Bose needs a permanent vacation.  As a result, they arm themselves and take Bose to Teresa’s old bar. Once there, Pott challenged Bose to a naked fight. But without his knowledge, Boaz’s disciples beat him. Despite being badly injured. There’s a dirty knife fight with Pot’s Boaz. And in the heat of that moment, Putt stabbed Bose in the heart with a deadly knife, watching him fall into his own blood. Finally, we see Putt walking down a sandy beach where he meets Kelly Ann Van Oaken, and she’s happy to see Putt.

Queen of the South Season 6

The latest season aired was Season 5. This season makes it clear that Teresa has established her empire in New York City. She then travels to Europe, wanting to be successful. This dream, this desire, was tarnished by one of his old enemies of the CIA. The CIA has had these plans for Mendoza for a long time.

The season also reveals his personal life. Here she loses some of her extended family members.  It’s about crime and thriller, but romance people will love it as much as Teresa loves it.

Brave Teresa again denies being a CIA puppet. She intends to fake her death but escapes for a better life.

The first episode, The Queen of the South Series Season 1 aired on June 23, 2016. The last episode of this season 5 premiered on June 9, 2021. Its 62 episodes were aired on the USA Network.

Queen of the South Season 6 Update Status

Southern Season 6 is not going to be the queen. To begin with, the show’s fifth season aired on the USA Network on April 7, 2021, and ended on June 9, 2021. Second, the fifth season had ten episodes of 45-minute runtime. The reason for the cancellation is that the exhibitors had announced in March this year that the fifth season would be final. And when they did not give a reason. This is because the story of the Queen of the South was brought to a logical conclusion.  For the people behind the show, they managed to produce a full five-season run that was quite a journey.

Queen of the South Season 6 Plot

The Southern Queen soap opera is based on La Reina del Soor, based on a novel by the Spanish author Arturo Perez-Reverte of the same name. The series stars Teresa Mendoza (played by Alice Braga), a poor Mexican girl who will become rich and powerful through a massive drug operation. Mendoza Sinalova is a Berio, Culiacán resident in Mexico. She falls in love with a member of the drug cartel and tries to rise above her poor condition.

Teresa is forced to flee after learning that her boyfriend has been killed. She crosses the border into the United States, where she joins forces with someone from her past to stop the drug lord’s leader from pursuing her. Mendoza eventually sets up her own drug distribution company and becomes extremely wealthy, causing her new problems.

The Queen of the South Season 6 Cast

In the first season 5, you could see many actors and actresses nailing their characters to the screen.

The beautiful Alice Braga played the lead role of “Teresa Mendoza”. Peter Gadiot, on the other hand, played the role of James Weldes. Hemke Madeira was seen as the grandson of Galvez.

Molly Burnett plays Kelly Oaken. JT Campos and Alimi Balard played the roles of Boaz Jimenez and Marcel Dumas.

If Season Five’s story doesn’t change much, Season 6 will see a lot of characters reappear.

When will the Queen of the South Season 6 be out?

The Queen of the South has been one of the most popular television series. Despite this fact, its rating has dropped in the progressive seasons.

For details, Season 4 averaged 0.92 million viewers, while Season 3 had 1.12 million viewers.  The latest season, Season 5, averaged less than 0.75 million viewers.

Crime, thriller and action genres require huge production costs. The Queen of the South, being a crime thriller, also requires a high price for production.  In such a case, it is clear to the producers to take the series off air. The decline in the number of viewers forced the producers to make such a big decision.

Ironically, this series is very popular on Netflix. In that case, Netflix may take over the production, ownership, and distribution rights of the show. Let’s hope for the best.

If Netflix accepts the reason for the future, you can only expect the Queen of the South Season 6 6 release date. Otherwise, it is an impossible situation.

When will the trailer be released of Queen of the South Season 6?

After a long time, the answer may come to you. The last episode of Season 5 was the last time you saw Teresa Mendoza and the others for fun. Officials of the series have announced that the sixth season has been canceled, so it will not bring the sixth season.

Yes, you heard it right! I was even upset when I heard this news. Now, all we can do is wait for the best to happen, even though we know it’s impossible. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.

Officials have announced that they will remember all the moments spent on the set, memories, their roles and much more. The directors of the series expressed their views on how to end the show in a good way. So, they did it where everyone could be happy.

Even in the fifth season, there were many obstacles in its production. Production halted on March 14, 2020 amid epidemic. We had to wait a long time and there was suspense about the story.

So, expecting the Queen of the Southern Trailer is kind of impossible.

Where to see the Queen of the South Season?

If you want to see the Queen of the South, go to Netflix, because there are seasons on the streaming giant platform. If you want to buy Season, you can do so through Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Voodoo, Microsoft Store and Apple TV. In addition, if you live in the UK, you can get shows from Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, and Chili.

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