Merge Mansion – How to Find Flower Seeds and Plant Golden Trees

Merge Mansion – How to Find Flower Seeds and Plant Golden Trees

There are several puzzles to solve in Merge Mansion. Many of these puzzles require you to find and combine two identical items. In addition, there are a variety of other items to use, such as a Tool Barrel and Chests. This is an enjoyable and challenging game that can be played with friends.

Planted Flower Seed

Flower Seeds are a basic resource found in the Merge Mansion. You can use them for a variety of tasks around the Manor Grounds. You can also use leftover seedbags to plant a Golden Tree. The Golden Tree is not currently used for chores, but it can sometimes show up in activities.

Merge Mansion’s garden is one of the most important areas in the game. You can plant flowers and bushes there. They’re not available from the garage, but you can get them from the in-game store. If you want to purchase flowers or bushes, you’ll need to spend at least 500 Coins.

Before you can start planting flowers in the Merge Mansion, you need to collect a number of different kinds of items first. First, you’ll need Bush Seeds. Planted Flowers will grow from the seeds. You can level up Planted Flowers up to level 9. Once you’ve leveled up a Plantted Flower, you can then place it in the Maze.

The Plantted Flower Seed is an important item to get if you’re looking to improve your house. You can use it to repair items in the house and even upgrade your items. This is especially important if you’re lacking in resources.

Tin Can

The recent update to Merge Mansion changed the way players can obtain Planted Flowers, Tin Can, and Blossoming Bush. Before the update, players could obtain these items by leveling up their Blossoming Bush. Then, they could merge their starting Tin Can with another base item, like a Blossoming Bush.

Merge Mansion is a popular item-merging puzzle game that requires players to collect items from the garage and find useful items to use. Among these items, the Tin Can is a key item needed for cleaning up the Mansion’s grounds. However, the way in which players can obtain Tin Cans has changed with the May 20 update. Now, the Blossoming Bush no longer drops Tin Cans. Instead, it drops Planted Flowers.

The Flower Seed is also important to the game. You can use it to help out various tasks around the Manor Grounds. Luckily, getting a Tin Can is not difficult. There are two ways to get one: from the Flower Statue and the Blooming Bush. This method is not as difficult as it may seem.

In order to plant a flower at the Merge Mansion, you’ll need to get Bush Seeds, Small Seedling, and Planted Flower Buds. Once you have them, you can merge them. In the process, you’ll be rewarded with a Tin Can that is used to store the flowers you’ve planted. You can then use these to make more flowers. If you can merge two or more plants, you can obtain the level five Planted Flower.

Tool Barrel

When you first start playing Merge Mansion, you start with a level 1 Closed Tool Crate. Then, you’ll continue merging objects until you reach a level 4 Tool Barrel. The Tool Barrel will drop Gardening Gloves and Tools. When you tap on the Toolbox, it will drop a different tool. The next time you want to use a tool, you’ll need to use an energy point from your Tool Barrel. As long as you have at least 100 units of energy, you’ll be able to do this.

The Tool Barrel is the final item in the Gardening Toolbox branch of Merge Mansion. Players will need a certain number of these items to progress through the game. You can obtain them by merging other items with the Tool Barrel. It’s important to note that you’ll need a specific amount of these items to complete all branches in the game.

Planted Flowers are obtained from several places in Merge Mansion. In addition to the Planted Flower, you’ll be able to get Planted Bush Seeds and Planted Flower Seeds from the Blossoming Bush. These items are necessary to complete various tasks in the Manor Grounds.


In Merge Mansion, you can find Flower Seeds and Plants that can be used in various tasks throughout the Manor Grounds. You can obtain Flower Seeds from a Planted Bush. A Planted Bush was previously a source of Small Tin Cans but is now a source of Planted Flowers.

To sell your items, go to the Sell section in the Merge Mansion. The item description will appear at the top, as well as the number of gold coins it is worth. Once you have the amount, click Sell to complete the transaction. However, be aware that some items in Merge Mansion are harder to sell than others, so it is crucial to carefully assess the feasibility of transactions before making them.

Having a guide will help you complete tasks and progress through the storyline. It will also give you information on permanent source items, which are higher-tier items that drop other items on the board. These items are crafted by merging several lower-level items. They can also be useful in crafting, allowing you to craft higher-level items without having to spend too much time.

Merge Mansion has a unique blend of gameplay elements. It blends the match-3 genre with elements from merge games. As you progress, you must merge items that are similar to each other. You must also keep in mind that some items are permanent sources, while others drop every time you combine them. Despite the limited number of slots, Merge Mansion boasts an expansive palette and hundreds of puzzles.


In this game, you can combine various items. The items in chests are not sold, but can be combined to make different items. Some of them can be merged, while others cannot. There are certain chests that will be unavailable for merging once you reach a certain amount of usage attempts.

Merge Mansion is a casual game for mobile devices. The goal of this game is to help your grandmother renovate her old mansion. In order to do so, you have to clear the garbage, open up new rooms, and create new items. The game is updated regularly. You can find new items, like the Planted Flower, by collecting and combining different objects. The Plantted Flower can only be obtained by combining five or more items.

You can grow flower on your Merge Mansion by merging Peony Seeds. This is a simple task that will reward you one XP. You can also merge Flower Buds to make Flower Buds. This will provide you with the XP you need to level up your character.

Merge Mansion is an interesting match-and-merge game. It combines various objects and offers an interesting mystery story. You can upgrade items, unlock areas, and even learn about your mysterious Grandmother. In addition, you can upgrade items in the Merge Garage to be more useful. You can also upgrade your Planted Flower to level 9 by completing various tasks.


Aside from the diamonds you earn in the game, you can also get Diamonds by breaking the piggy banks. In Merge Mansion, you can use the diamonds you receive to buy power-ups, upgrades, and more. You can also find free level one piggy banks in the shop.

In Merge Mansion, you need to merge items that are similar to each other to create a higher-level item. However, when you reach the maximum level, the items you collected cannot be upgraded any further. However, there are some ways to earn Planted Flowers and bushes that are only available through some sources.

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