How to Edit Interviews Medium 700k TheVerge

How to Edit Interviews Medium 700k TheVerge

Whether you’re doing an interview for the media or for yourself, there are certain things you should do that will help make the interview a success. First of all, make sure you’re prepared. There are a few things to consider, such as background noise, editing, and brevity.

Background noise

Background noise during interviews can be a big distraction. It is especially problematic if you’re recording audio. The most effective way to mitigate the problem is to record the interview in a quiet space. It can also help if you don’t use a phone or computer. But that won’t help if the person you’re interviewing is in an area that is noisy.


Editing medium interviews can be a daunting task. First, you have to capture the interview. Then you have to figure out how to edit the piece. Luckily, there are a few tricks to remember. Here are some tips for editing the interviews you have captured:: Keep your interview simple and short; and be sure to keep it relevant and interesting.

Using video interviewing software

When using video interviewing software, you must be sure that the equipment you are using is up to scratch and works properly. You can’t afford to have a technical glitch interrupt the interview. If possible, try to find the best Wi-Fi reception in your home, and use a hardwired connection for higher speed and less interruption. Moreover, you must check your microphone and speakers to ensure that everything is in order.

Consumer-grade video platforms are the cheapest option, but they are limited in their features. The basic features include establishing a connection, recording and storing videos. However, more advanced software from vendors can capture data, provide analytics, and let you schedule and edit videos in advance.

Video interviewing software helps employers conduct online video interviews with applicants. With it, interviewers can record their conversations and share them with hiring managers. The asynchronous nature of the video interviews also helps save time, since hiring managers can review candidates’ responses at their own convenience.

Another great benefit of video interviews is that they are much cheaper to conduct than in-person interviews. It eliminates the geographic constraints of interviews and allows hiring teams to screen a much wider talent pool. It also helps to decrease stress, since no travel costs are involved.

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