Ink Master Season 14 Has Been renewed or Cancelled

Ink Master Season 14 Has Been renewed or Cancelled
Ink Master Season 14

Ink Master Season 14 has been canceled by NBC, but Paramount Network has confirmed it will return in February 2021. While Oliver Peck is not returning as the appointed authority, new judges will be introduced. This season will be the final one for this season’s cast. So, what will happen to the remaining cast members? Here are some things to expect for Ink Master Season 14.

NBC canceled Ink Ink Master Season 14

Fans have been asking why NBC canceled ” Ink Master Season 14. While the show was originally canceled after only three episodes, it was recently revived by Paramount. The show will celebrate its 10th anniversary in early 2022. There are no details yet, but fans are keeping an eye out for the trailers. The show will have a similar premise to the original series, and it could be a great way to celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary.

Oliver Peck and Dave Navarro will not be returning as judges on “Ink Master.” But Chris Nunez and Dave Navarro are both expected to return. Although it was technically canceled, the show has used a rotating cast of judges since the show began. However, if Paramount wanted a fresh start, it could bring in a third judge. It could have been a good idea to keep these judges on the show if the show does return.

Paramount Network confirmed Ink Master Season 14 will return in February 2021

The network previously confirmed that Ink Master Season 14 will premiere in February 2021. However, fans had to deal with a tough year for the show in 2020. Pictures of judge Oliver Peck in blackface were widely circulated around the time of the season 13 premiere. Though the network quickly removed the judge from the show, the episodes for the upcoming season had already been produced. So, what happens now? Is the show coming back?

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Despite the lack of publicity, fans are still excited about the upcoming season of Ink Master. Season 13 was released just seven months after the last season. Now, the network has confirmed that Ink Master season 14 will return in February 2021. The network has yet to release a trailer for the upcoming season. In the meantime, fans can keep checking this corner for updates on the show.

Oliver Peck won’t be returning

The cast of Ink Master Season 14 will likely be without the judge Oliver Peck, the show’s longtime star. Peck, whose contract with Paramount was terminated this year, was removed from the show following photos of him in blackface. While he may not return to the show, he could be replaced by Dave Navarro or Chris Nunez. The show’s producers are still in the process of determining which judges will appear in season 14.

Several of the pictures of Peck include him in blackface, dribbling a basketball, and wearing a superhero costume with an “N” on his chest. The pictures were retrieved from Peck’s MySpace page. Peck has apologized on Instagram for his behavior, and it’s unclear if the network will replace him. In the meantime, fans will have to wait and see if Peck will return to the show.

New judges will be brought in

If you’ve been following the competition shows, you know that Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez are out. While they may come back, there is no word on whether Oliver will be back as an official authority. Nonetheless, there are plenty of possibilities for the upcoming season, including new judges. If Peck leaves, he might bring Dave Navarro and Chris Nunez along. Or, perhaps Paramount will bring in new judges.

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The first question that comes to mind is who will be the judges on the Ink Master Season 14. While Oliver Peck left the competition due to a breach in his contract with Paramount, new judges will be brought in to determine the winners. However, there are several rumors about who will serve as judges in the new season. Here is a list of possible judges. Unless Paramount confirms otherwise, it will probably bring in two new judges.

Format of Ink Master Season 14

The first news from Ink Master Season 14 is that Oliver Peck will not be returning as a judge. While his contract with Paramount is currently suspended, it is unknown whether he will return. The show may bring on a new panel of judges to keep things fresh. Oliver Peck’s absence has been a cause for concern, but it is possible for another judge to join the show as a full-time judge.

The show has been a big hit on the Paramount network since its debut in 2008. Despite the high rating, it has also suffered from controversy. Before season 13 aired, pictures of judge Oliver Peck in blackface stormed the internet. Although the Paramount Network acted quickly to remove Peck, the episodes had already been shot. After the scandal, Paramount decided to cancel the show, but some fans argued that they wanted to see the full episodes. The show remained on the air until the controversy broke.

Ink Master Season 14 Release date

The release date of Ink Master Season 14 is still unknown. It could be delayed until early 2021 or it may happen earlier. The show has been canceled before and has had many guest judges. However, it is unclear whether Oliver Peck will return. If he does, then the show is still on track for a 2021 release date. There is no word yet on the official theme of the upcoming season.

Ink Master is an American reality television series produced by Original Media. It first aired on Spike on January 17, 2012. There are thirteen seasons so far. The show currently has a 7.4 rating on IMDb and 2,775 user votes. The release date of Ink Master season 14 is still a mystery. Fans are eagerly awaiting its premiere date. It is unclear whether this series will return to Spike or not.

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