Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date Plot, Cast and Much More

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date Plot, Cast and Much More

Hunter x Hunter is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. The story follows the young Gon Frex, who sets out on a journey with the help of a talking lizard named Killua Zoldyck to find his father, meet friends along the way who fail him (a Japanese term). “Comrade”. Gone’s goal is to find his father, but he also wants to be strong enough to change what has happened in his life. He meets people who care about him and help him. This series is full of action and adventure! Watch English Movie Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Now!

Do you enjoy watching Japanese cartoons? When I first heard that Hunter X would be Hunter Season 7, my heart started pounding. When it comes to the hunter x hunter season 7 manga collection, I know that manga has a soft spot in the hearts of fans if you are familiar with the series.

In this post, we will consider what we know so far about Hunter x Hunter Season 7, but for accurate information, you have to stay with us till the end of this article.

Will there be a Hunter x Hunter season 7?

Hunter is a Japanese anime that aired from 1999 to 2004. It was based on Shuichi Aoi’s manga series, which is published in the weekly Shunin Jump Magazine. The Hunter x Hunter novel follows the story of a young man named Gon Frex. Gone’s mother informed him from the beginning that both his parents were no longer alive.

But, as time goes on, Gone discovers that his father is alive and is testing Hunter to become a Hunter like his father.

He also met some new personalities, such as Corsica, with whom he would later become friends. The story revolves around a young boy’s quest to find his father and become a trained hunter like him.

So, to sum things up, let’s talk about Hunter x Hunter Season Seven. I think that’s enough for the previous story. Now let’s talk about it.

Hunter x Hunter season 7 release date

Season 6 of ‘Hunter x Hunter’ premiered on July 8, 2014, and aired 12 episodes before it ended on September 24, 2014. This is an adaptation of the original manga series ’13th Hunter Chairman Election arc. Studio Mad House produced the series with Hiroshi Kojima, which was directed by the team. Mad House also produced two films revolving around the same characters, Hunter x Hunter Movie 1: Phantom Rouge (2013) and Hunter x Hunter Movie 2: The Last Mission (2013).  As far as the seventh season of ‘Hunter x Hunter’ is concerned, this is what you need to know.

No official statement has been released confirming the progress of Hunter x Hunter season 7 2021, voice actors Megumi Han and Maria Anne, who photographed Gone and Kalwa, respectively, began teasing fans about the upcoming ‘Hunter x Hunter’ project. While fans were hoping that this would be the new season of the ‘Hunter x Hunter’ series or a brand new series, or the third ‘Hunter x Hunter’ movie, it was probably for the escape room challenge, titled  ‘Escape from disguise’ was. Maze, in the web-based ‘Hunter x Hunter’ game series developed by SCRAP. It was available from March 25, 2021, to June 27, 2021.

At the end of season 6, Gone climbs the World Tree and finally meets his father.  Gone’s search for his father has served as one of the driving goals of the anime.  In the following arcs of the manga, the other characters come to the main stage, so the ’13th Hunter Chairman Election arc ending was a good place to stop the anime. If there really are future seasons of anime, they will have a different set of characters. Furthermore, ‘Hunter x Hunter’ is often known for its long duration, the current one lasting more than three years. No news about the Hunter x Hunter season 7 release date on Netflix. Togashi’s health problems, especially his severe back pain, did not allow him to work permanently.

As a result, Manga has not made significant progress since the 13th Hunter Chairman Election. Considering all this, we can estimate that it will take some time for the next season of Anime to come out. So, expect Hunter x Hunter Season 7 to be released sometime in 2023.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date Plot, Cast and Much More

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Plot: What could be about it?

Season 6 ended with a meeting with Gon’s father, Gung. They learn about each other’s lives and their adventures. Gone later returns Gung’s Hunter license.  Elsewhere, Crisco took over Goto’s identity when he was hired by the Zoldic family.  Novo and Morrell fondly remember Netiro. Matthew receives the letter that Gon sent him. Gone are the days when Gone Kite rejoins the group and sees the small-billed goose with them.

In Season 7, the ‘Dark Continent Campaign’ arc will likely be adapted. Isaac Netaro’s son can organize a campaign for the dark continent. This may come as a surprise to people of money, who did not know that Netaro had a son.  Elsewhere, Beyond could go on a campaign toward the Dark Continent, going against the sanctions imposed by the V5. Korapika is likely to be the supervisor of the 289th Hunter Exam.

Famous characters we expect to meet in Hunter x Hunter Season 7.

Gone are the days

Gon anime Hunter X is the main character of Hunter. He is the son of Gung Freaks, a world-renowned hunter by profession. Inspired by his father, Gone decides to become a licensed “hunter”, and throughout the series, we see him achieve his goals.

Gone is adventurous and a friendly boy. At a very young age, her father left her to pursue her dreams, which she later took over. The dream of becoming a better “hunter”.

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Kurta Clan’s last survivor, and a blacklisted hunter, is expected to return as one of the main characters in Kurapika’s Hunter x Hunter Season 7.

Corsica is very intelligent but ruthless. His anger turns out to be self-destructive and leads him to evil deeds.

In addition to her anger issues, Corsica is very concerned about her loved ones.  We also saw in the series that his close friends become his weakness.

Levario Parade Night

Another important part of the series is Levario.

He is one of Gone’s closest friends and is a skilled “hunter.” Levario is obsessed with money. According to him, there is nothing in the world without money (which I think is very true). Levario knows how much money is needed to survive in the world.

Despite saying that his main goal is to make money, we found out that he wants to be a doctor one day. Becoming a “hunter” will help him earn money to pay for his medical education.

See you now Levario wanted to be a doctor, but he couldn’t afford it, and that’s why he’s obsessed with money. Everyone has their own story!

Later in the series, we also learn that Levario wants to be a doctor to help the poor. Therefore, money and wealth are secondary factors.

We expect Leorio Hunter X to return as one of the main characters in Hunter Season 7.

Killua Zoldyck

Kalwa Gon’s best friend. He belongs to the famous Zoldic family, the family of murderers, who will probably kill anyone for paying the price. Killua was his chosen heir, but he had other plans.

The fact is that his future has not been decided by anyone else.

So, what did he do?

He left the state and became a “hunter” instead of a murderer. As a kid, Killua has always been very brave. He, too, was a very skilled assassin.

In Season 7, Cleva will return as the main character.

The next one on our list isn’t particularly good, of course.

Hisoka Moro

Hisoka Hunter is the main opponent of the X-Hunter series. He is a serial killer and a former member of the Phantom Troop.

Remember the Phantom Troop? This is the same group that massacred all the members of the Karta tribe and sold their red eyes on the black market. I hope you remember that Korpika is the last surviving member of the Karta tribe.

Hisoka is a selfish and arrogant man. He likes to fight strong opponents, but wait, Hisoka knows his limits. So you will never see him fighting against someone whose power is beyond his reach.

Haruka is a friend of Gon and Kilkuwa, as well as an enemy, depending on the situation. It is safe to say that he was an opportunist.

We will see him resume his role in the 7th season of the series.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date Plot, Cast and Much More

Hunter x Hunter season 7 trailer

As no official announcement has been made, we do not have an official teaser or trailer. We will update this section as soon as the season 7 trailer arrives. So let’s see what the controversy is about the series right now.

Hunter x Hunter Ratings

This anime from the manga collection has an overall IMDb rating of 8.9, which I think is enough. Okay fine? Meanwhile, the Metacritic score is 92% (based on 12 reviews), while IMDb has an 8.1 rating (based on 621 user ratings).

Ratings for this hunter x hunter anime season 7 are kind, especially for those who haven’t seen a single Hunter x Hunter episode. Take a look at this fair and honest feedback from IMDb users on this series to see if it’s worth your time.

Bottom line

This article or section needs sources or references that appear incredible, third-party publications.

We have tried to provide complete information in this article, but if you have any questions please let us know. Let us know if you appreciate our efforts by leaving a comment in the box below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hunter x Hunter coming back in 2021?

Unfortunately, the official anime production house has not announced any trailers, teasers, or posters that could signal a possible renewal of the series in 2021. After the announcement of season 7, it will take some time for it to come on TV screens, so the new season of Hunter x Hunter. Not coming out in 2021.

When will Hunter x Hunter 7 be released in Japan?

The seventh season of Hunter x Hunter will not air. There is no exact release date for the film, but there is no guarantee that it will be released in 2021. At the moment this is just an estimate. The exact information is not on the production chart.

How can you watch ‘Hunter x Hunter’ anime?

Now you can watch the first four seasons on Netflix. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.  So it’s best to hurry up and see if you can get them all out right away. And for the rest of the series, they can be seen on HBO Max because they are not as seasonal as Netflix. So that’s all for now, but make sure you keep an eye out as we’ll share more details and updates of Hunter x Hunter as soon as we receive them.

Who will be cast as the voice actor?

Taking a look at Voice Stars social media, we know that Maria Eyes and Megumi Han will be back to play their roles next season. Funimation translated the Japanese version of its post into English so that viewers outside of Japan would know.

The voice cast actress posted on her Instagram, “Back to where she started with her partner.” Megumi Han has voiced the character of Gon Freecss, while Mariye Ise has spoken for Killua Zoldyck, the other main character in the anime TV series.  As far as English actors are concerned, Erica Mendes and Michael McConnell will return as Gone and Kalwa.

What is significant about a Hunter x Hunter?

Hunter x Hunter is a term used to refer to the hunter of prey. Namely, Hunter x Hunter. In short, the story of a young boy who is also a hunter set out in search of his lost father, who was himself a hunter. This literally means that another hunter went in search of him.

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