Factory Hardware Store Retailers – Comparison & Ratings

Factory Hardware Store Retailers – Comparison & Ratings

Get reliable information on factory hardware stores with our retailer comparison and ratings guide. Find out what’s right for you!

Ace Hardware Corporation

Ace Hardware is a retail hardware cooperative that is privately owned and operated in all 50 states. It provides its members with merchandise, distribution, and other services. The company specializes in general hardware, paint, electrical equipment, and plumbing and heating supplies. In addition to its local stores, the Ace Corporation operates 540 international locations.

The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Oak Brook, Illinois. Its 4,700 U.S.-based stores compete with larger retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Builders Square. Aside from its retail operations, the Ace Hardware Corporation also offers a wide variety of private brands. For example, it manufactures its own line of paint and manufactures hand and power tools. Other offerings include lawn and garden supplies, general home improvement, and more.

Although it is a private company, the Ace Hardware Corporation has a strong board of directors. The organization’s mission is to provide support to independent hardware retailers. In turn, its dealers have a deep and trusting relationship with the corporate headquarters. Many of the 5,000 Ace stores are locally owned.

The history of Ace Hardware began in Chicago, and it grew through the Great Depression. As the economic boom in the late 1940s rolled into the 1950s, the company expanded its reach into the Southern states. In 1961, the company purchased its first mainframe computer. Since then, Ace has added new warehouses and distribution centers to its network.

Hardware Retailers

By the 1970s, Ace had become one of the nation’s largest independent hardware retailers. The company’s advertising budget grew to $10 million by the 1984 season. Most of its national advertising was done on television spots. The retailer’s growth came as a result of the increased demand for DIY products.

During the 1980s, Ace’s profits soared, and the company grew to the point where it had become a nationwide manufacturer and distributor of hardware. It expanded its distribution network, including adding five new Midwest and Southeast distribution centers. However, it faced new competition in the 1990s.

Ace’s success was partly due to its advertising campaigns. The company’s advertisements featured celebrities like Connie Stevens, John Madden, and Suzanne Somers. Additionally, the chain had a reputation for being friendly and helpful. Despite the increased competition from Big Box retailers, Ace Hardware still managed to remain successful.

In order to maintain its success, the company launched its “New Age of Ace” strategy in 2000. This strategy aimed to build a national brand, which would allow Ace to sell more products and generate higher revenue. At the same time, the company launched a program of merchandising programs and expanded its responsibilities and expectations to its affiliates.

Today, Ace Hardware Corporation is a successful, growing company. With a growing number of stores, the company has become the world’s largest hardware cooperative. Its 4,800 locations are distributed throughout the United States, the UK, and 57 other countries. And with the rise of home improvement megastores such as Home Depot, Ace is responding to the increasing demand for improved customer service.

Factory Direct Hardware

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