A Business Proposal Webtoon is Coming to the U.S.

A Business Proposal Webtoon is Coming to the U.S.

Netflix is bringing the hit Korean webtoon A Business Proposal to the U.S., after more than 450 million views. The series features a cast of popular Korean actors. Kakao Entertainment also has a webtoon available on Tapas, a digital video service.


Today’s Webtoon is experiencing a downward trend and has been replaced by Big Mouth, the hottest new drama on SBS. This has led to questions about the rating of A Business Proposal, which has been one of the highest rated Korean dramas of the past few years. It was also extremely popular abroad, topping the Netflix lists of several countries.

This webtoon follows a GOFood researcher, Shin Ha-ri, who goes on a blind date as her best friend Jin Young-seo to meet someone new. She goes to meet Kang Tae-moo, the CEO of GOFood, and pretends to be his friend. They begin the date by meeting in a bar, and the deceptions begin. As the night progresses, she discovers that the man is the CEO. She accepts the proposal. The webtoon is rated TV-14, which means that the show may contain content that is too edgy for children under 14. There is some adult language and a scene with male upper body nudity.

Business Proposal is a Korean web series based on a popular webtoon. It has been on the charts for over two weeks and has a 4.9 Google viewership rating. It is based on the popular webtoon “The Office Blind Date” by Haehwa, which has been a webtoon since 2011. Both versions have a total of 450 million readers worldwide as of February 2022.


Those who enjoy the webcomic The Business Proposal can watch an alternative version on Netflix or SBS. It’s available internationally and has just been referenced in a K-Drama. The webtoon also features short stories. Fans can look forward to new episodes on Fridays.


“A Business Proposal” is an English webtoon based on a Korean novel by the same name. It is about a boy named Shin Ha-ri, who agrees to go on a blind date in place of his friend. It is geared towards fans of unconventional love stories. The webtoon can be viewed on Netflix.

The webtoon has a remarkably strong storyline. The story opens with a tale of deception, as Shin Ha Ri conceals his identity. His friend Kang Tae Mu is captivated by his cryptic behavior. The story then moves to a day in the life of the two men. The webtoon has received over 450 million views on YouTube.

While a webtoon based on a real story can be a good way to learn about business, there are a number of different ways to approach it. Some webtoons are just a little more complex than others, but the plot is still relatively simple and easy to follow. For example, A Business Proposal follows the love lives of two men who have different goals and objectives.


The Business Proposal webtoon is an example of a webtoon that embraces its webtoon roots. The characters are dynamite and completely own the screen. Its director, Park Seon-ho, has remained true to the principles of simplicity and what works best. He has avoided adding artificial flavors or forcing changes. He portrays the scenes as they are.

The webtoon was originally a web novel written by HaeHwa, but it was translated into English and adapted as a webtoon. The webtoon has more than 450 million views worldwide, making it one of the most popular webtoons. It is available in both English and Korean.

The story follows the lives of two very different people. One is a matchmaker, the other is a matchmaker who makes people meet. The two clash in many ways, but they end up getting along well. The two women eventually marry and have a son. The plot is reminiscent of the classic Cinderella story. In the first episode, Shin Ha-ri is a matchmaker who wants to help her daughter meet a rich man.


If you’re a fan of webtoons, “A Business Proposal” is the webcomic for you! The webtoon is based on an online novel by HaeHwa and is available in English and Korean. While there are slight differences between the webtoon and the drama, the similarities are still quite obvious.

The webcomic has more than 450 million views in Korea alone. It’s also available in the US exclusively on Tapas webcomic platform. A live-action adaptation of the webtoon premiered on Netflix on Feb. 28, with new episodes airing every week and 12 60-minute episodes.

The webtoon has already inspired television adaptations in other countries. The K-drama adaptation of “A Business Proposal” received rave reviews from fans of the original webtoon.


If you love Korean TV shows, you’ll love Chapters of Business Proposal. The webtoon follows the lives of a group of people who are attempting to set up a business. The characters include Kang Tae-moo, Shin Ha-ri, and Cha Sung-hoon. Other characters include Jin Young-SEO, Seol In-ah, and the President Kang Da-goo. The episodes are subtitled in English.

The webtoon is currently available for viewing on Netflix. It’s written by Haehwa and has been viewed over 450 million times. Originally, it was only available on the Tapas webcomic platform in the US, but Netflix has now licensed the series to air on the streaming service. The first episode premiered Feb. 28, and new episodes will be released weekly. There are 12 episodes in all, and each one is about 60 minutes long.

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