13 Key Elements of a Successful YouTube Video

13 Key Elements of a Successful YouTube Video

Introduction: YouTube is one of the biggest platforms currently and sits even at the top of Facebook and other giant social media platforms. YouTube is user-friendly and anyone from anywhere can freely upload their videos on this platform. YouTube helps in generating income for many artists and has opened the door for new raw talents. However, with talent, it is equally important to know how to make videos for YouTube. YouTube not only helps the individual creators but also helps the major brand in establishing their customer base through YouTube videos.

There are important points that should be kept in mind before creating a YouTube channel and uploading your first video. These key elements will be further mentioned in the article, and you can use these tips while creating your own YouTube videos. The goal of any YouTube video should be to gather a large number of followers, that way you can generate revenue and increase brand awareness through these followers.

13 Key Elements of a Successful YouTube Video

  1. Eye Catching Intro: A lot of people leave the video after 15 seconds if it’s not engaging enough. It is necessary to make an eye-catching into, the first 20 – 30 seconds of the video should be interesting for the viewers. It’s heartbreaking if they click on the dislike button, so to make sure that this doesn’t happen with your video, make it interesting, at least for the first few seconds.
  2. The Intro Footage should be Branded: The Intro footage of the video should be something that sticks in the mind of the viewers for a long time. It could be a music piece, a mind-boggling animation, or something that catches the viewers’ attention.
  3. Include Background Music: Background music that does justice to the theme of the video should be placed. Make sure to use copyright-free music, otherwise, your channel could get banned for copyright infringement. The music should let the viewers understand the emotion behind the video and connect with them.
  4. A Creative Thumbnail: Thumbnails play an important role in the success of a video. If you have created a thumbnail that gains the attention of the viewers while scrolling, then you can easily increase the engagement in your video. It is important that the thumbnail is not misleading and does not do injustice to the users’ expectations.
  5. Clear Audio: The audio in the video clip should be clear and precise, a video can get very irritating if it is not audible. Make sure to use proper equipment like an external mic to record all the videos. The users should be able to understand every word said in the video.
  6. Keep it Short: Keep your video content short, anybody’s first YouTube video should always be short. New creators’ videos do not get much attention if they are long, no viewers want to spend time watching some new YouTuber’s 15-minute video. So always keep your videos precise and up to the point.
  7. Understand the Audience: Before creating the videos, the viewer and their genre should be kept in mind. It is necessary to keep the target audience in mind and create the content accordingly. Choose the target audience that has a large number of watches, and choose genres that are mostly used to gather a large audience.
  8. Use Trending Topics for the Video: While you make video for youtube, keep up with the current market trend to know about the latest news and events in the world. Use this information in your video and connect better with the audience. Using trendy topics helps the video get ranked better and increases audience engagement.
  9. Call-to-Action: Try to introduce the call-to-action at the start of the video, because very rare users stay till the end of the video. Most of the users get bored of the video within 2-3 minutes. So, the call-to-action should be placed strategically.
  10. End Screen to Promote Videos: Add an end screen where you can promote your videos and channel. You can also use this end screen to ask viewers to subscribe to and like your channel and try to make the users watch your videos in a loop.
  11. Collab with Other YouTubers: The channel’s followers can significantly increase if you can collaborate with any other famous or non-famous YouTubers. Collaboration helps in gaining subscribers through other YouTubers, and it is among the fastest ways to increase followers’ engagement on videos.
  12. Increase Audience Participation: Allow the viewers to engage with the creators through various games and giveaways, you can ask the viewers to participate in contests and win several prizes. This helps in the engagement of your channel and thus increases the user flow. The audience’s participation will help in the significant growth of the channel.
  13. Share Videos on Other Social Media Platforms: Apart from YouTube, you can also share your YouTube videos on other social media platforms. A lot of users active on different social media platforms should be introduced to your videos and this will force them to subscribe to your channel if your content is good.


YouTube is a free platform that lets anyone upload their videos. It doesn’t matter if you are a brand, an influencer, or an artist, you can easily upload your videos on YouTube and increase your followers. This article mentions some key elements that will help you in creating the best videos which will have user engagement and will be liked by all.

These tips will only help if you have an interesting theme for your videos, or are working on something different. People are making podcasts, YouTube shorts, Vlogs, Daily Vlogs, Travel videos, and other different varieties of videos for the viewers. There is a wide range of video types to choose from. Just check out the best video types that gain a large number of followers and start working on your first video with the above-mentioned key elements. 

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